Welcome to One Nature

One Nature is an ultra-luxury boutique hotel group, located in some of the world’s most thrilling and exotic destinations. Every destination offers 5-star luxury accommodations and nature-based adventures, complemented by upscale service, top-quality amenities, and a commitment to sustainability.

At One Nature we provide outstanding facilities, amenities, services, and adventures that make a lasting impression, from beautiful camps and lodges to breathtaking resorts and hotels.

Every part of your experience reflects our dedication to quality. To ensure total satisfaction, we carefully pick sustainable materials, emphasize attention to detail, and provide outstanding service. We create a setting that allows our guests to completely experience the joys that await them at each destination.

We believe in more than just giving unique experiences at One Nature. We seek to instill a feeling of environmental responsibility and sustainability in our guests. Our transformative journeys inspire guests to connect with nature, developing a profound respect for its beauty and a passion to protect it. We believe that via the experiences of our guests, we can all contribute to the conservation of our planet.

Join us on this remarkable journey to discover a world of luxury, nature, and transformative experiences.

One Nature, where unforgettable moments await you!

Our Culture

Genuine Passion to Nurture a Culture that Advocates for ONE People. ONE Planet. ONE Nature.
One Nature is inspired by a driving passion to make a difference. More than simply building some of the world’s top hotels, camps, lodges and resorts, we believe in cherishing and nurturing our environment, our community, and above all, our Guests. Each and every member of the One Nature family is committed to our mission to create a better world and to build a positive, encouraging and optimistic living environment, to respect others, to value relationships and to naturally cultivate a culture of sustainable conservation and enrichment of the wildlife areas in which we operate and of the communities surrounding these areas. We are also keenly aware of the unique ecological and social challenges that threaten the symbiosis of nature and the local communities that still follow a traditional way of life. This is why we continuously support and even initiate programmes of our own that address issues that correlates with our core beliefs and advocacies. This ethos is embodied in our corporate slogan “One People. One Planet. One Nature.”

One People

We believe in giving the people in our family of communities the tools and funding platforms to create a sustainable livelihood. This in turn, will enable them to enjoy a better quality of life and simultaneously conserve and protect our natural resources.

One Planet

From community tree planting projects to global conservation campaigns, our purpose remains the same — to protect the environment and create a sustainable framework that ensures a long-term regenerative supply of the wildlife and our natural resources.

One Nature

We prioritize the symbiotic relationship between communities and the environment. Our eco-social initiatives empower communities to sustainably conserve resources and enhance livelihoods. Together, we strive to preserve and protect our shared environment.

Our Eco-Social Platforms

Sustainable Luxury Amidst Nature’s Beauty

Our commitment to delivering only the best to our Guests is not solely about developing some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is also about finding sustainable ways to ensure that we will always have the privilege to enjoy nature’s beauty in the years to come. Thus, to help curb the effects of on-going threats to the environment and the traditional communities that surround the wilderness areas, we take care to establish Eco-Social Platforms specifically focused on three areas of concern — Conservation, Sustainability and Community.

Additionally, we have established the One Nature Hotels Foundation to help further organise and assist in the implementation of both new and existing initiatives that address issues that fall within the parameters of One Nature’s chosen advocacies.

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Hand in hand with our commitment to bringing our Guests to the top holiday destinations in the world, we are also dedicated to being instrumental in conserving these areas of wild and raw beauty on our planet. We strongly believe that every Guest who visits us is a potential ambassador for the environment, for green philosophies and the preservation of natural resources.

    Black rhinos have hooked lips for browsing leaves, while white rhinos’ square lips are adapted for grazing grass.[…]
    By going on an African Safari, you can contribute to anti-poaching initiatives, support environmental education and community conservation efforts.[…]


In each of our top luxury destinations worldwide, we spare no expense in ensuring and implementing measures and initiatives that will offset our carbon footprint and maintain a regenerative supply of all the resources that we use.

    By going on an African Safari, you can contribute to anti-poaching initiatives, support environmental education and community conservation efforts.[…]
    Until recently, freshwater in the Seronera area was sourced from distant springs that are also vital sources of drinking water for the wildlife. To ge[…]


Initiating and maintaining a respectful and symbiotic relationship with the local communities are integral components in our CSR platforms in each of our ultra-luxury camps, lodges or hotels. By forming mutually beneficial partnerships with local communities, business owners, growers and workers, we find sustainable ways to boost the local economy and also preserve the communities’ cultural integrity.

    Discover Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, the largest intact, unfilled, and inactive caldera in the world, home to the Big 5 and the Great Migration.[…]
    As much as possible, One Nature uses locally sourced ingredients and fresh organic produce to make up a large part of our kitchen requirements and dai[…]