Embrace the Spirit of Play with our Exciting Outdoor Games

Experience an array of exhilarating outdoor games at One Nature Nyaruswiga, designed to keep you entertained and active during your stay. Engage in spirited rounds of badminton, a fast-paced game that tests your agility and hand-eye coordination. Challenge yourself with horseshoe, aiming for precision and skill as you land your horseshoes on the target stake. Test your accuracy and strategy with molkky, a Finnish throwing game that requires knocking down numbered pins using a wooden skittle.

Dive into the excitement of bocce, a classic Italian game where you roll or toss balls towards a target, aiming for the closest position.

Fun and Adventure Await in the Great Outdoors

Staying active and having fun amidst the amazing grandeur of your surroundings becomes an unforgettable aspect of your Serengeti trip, ensuring that your time with us is filled with laughter and wonderful moments.