African Safari Adventure for Kids

Kids on safari, sighting wildlife on a game drive in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

A Complete Guide to Creating Unforgettable Family Memories on Your African Safari

African Safari for Kids: Tailored Adventures and Wildlife ONEders

Bring your whole pride to an unforgettable family safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – a land brimming with astonishing resident wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the iconic Big Five animals: lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant – along with many other animals and birds. Located minutes away from the Seronera airstrip and near all the game-rich areas, One Nature Nyaruswiga offers your family the best game-viewing experience.

Join us in our spacious and luxurious Two Bedroom Family Tents, expertly designed to accommodate six people. These tents epitomize the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, offering your family a cozy retreat after a thrilling safari adventure.

Interactive wildlife activities for Kids on Safari in Tanzania.

Creating Magical Moments with Kids on Safari

Our Little ONEderers program is designed to engage and captivate young minds, offering a variety of interactive activities. From crafting vibrant beadwork to expressing artistic talents through painting, children are encouraged to unleash their creativity. Let your young chefs shine as they prepare their own meals with the guidance of our skilled chefs, fostering a love for culinary activities and creating a memorable family experience.

At One Nature Nyaruswiga, we do not just offer a safari but a wholesome journey for families to connect with nature, create lifelong memories, and experience the magic of Serengeti together.

Game Drives and Giggle Rides: Where the Wildlife Meets Kids on Safari

A kid capturing the wildlife on game drives in the Serenegti, Tanzania.

Set out on our enchanting game drives that bring African wilderness to life, akin to scenes from a live-action Lion King Production. Choose between the morning and afternoon game drives or the excitement of full-day safaris. It is a chance for your little ones to spot the Big Five and witness the iconic Great Migration, where millions of wildebeest and zebras migrate through the plains of Africa.

Our fleet of luxury safari vehicles, including open and semi-closed four-seaters and six-seaters, ensures that your children have a front-row seat to the wilderness wonders. Equipped with a cooling fridge to keep your refreshments chilled and sumptuous packed lunches, these rides promise comfort and delight for your little explorers.

Hot Air Balloon Adventures with Kids on Safari

Kids on on a balloon safari mesmerized by the Serengeti landscape in Tanzania.

Indulge in sheer enchantment with a hot air balloon safari, a must-do adventure for your family. Kids will be captivated by the scenic beauty of the African landscape from above, gazing in awe at herds of graceful antelope, towering giraffes, and magnificent elephants strolling across the plains. The experience whispers the tales of National Geographic documentaries to your children, creating lasting memories.

Luxury Accommodation for Family

Luxury accomodations for a family by One nature Nyaruswiga.

Experience Serengeti’s magic under a blanket of stars in our Two Bedroom Family Tent, with a living room area and two en-suite bathrooms. These exquisite tents offer ample space and a sense of home amidst the wilderness. For smaller families, our One Bedroom Luxury Tents provide a snug sanctuary with the flexibility to add an extra bed, ensuring everyone enjoys a serene night’s rest. Drift off to the savannah sounds, knowing comfort is our top priority.


At One Nature Nyaruswiga we provide an enticing journey for families to connect with nature.
We understand the essence of family and go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your family’s unique needs are met with warmth and dedication.

Join us and let your family’s safari adventure be woven with personalized care and cherished moments amidst the wild.