Lee Escalante / April 23, 2020
The Prides of the Serengeti

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Lee Escalante / April 16, 2020
The Great Wildebeest Migration: A Phenomenon Of Epic Proportion

The Most Spectacular Wildlife Wonder Unlike Any Other RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Can you imagine hearing this in your head from the moment you are born and every day since then for the rest of your life? Sounds crazy right? But then again, “crazy” might just be the perfect word to describe how it feels […]

Big 5 sighting on Game Drive
Lee Escalante / March 25, 2020
Take A Ride On An African Safari Game Drive

Experience the Wildest Joy Ride Ever! How to best describe an African safari game drive? Well, for most people, the term “joy ride” by itself already evokes a certain sense of excitement that inspires visions of blue skies, back roads and the wind blowing freely through the open windows. Fun, carefree moments and daring adventures […]

Big 5 on an African safari
Lee Escalante / March 11, 2020
Fascinating Facts About The Big Five Of Africa

Fascinating Fact About African Lions Humans normally walk with the foot landing first on the heel and then pushing off on the toes. Lions, on the other hand, walk using mostly just their well-padded “toes” (imagine yourself on “tiptoe” all the time!). This surprising ability helps them sneak close to their intended prey without making […]