Fascinating Facts About The Big Five Of Africa

Big 5 on an African safari

Fascinating Fact About African Lions

Humans normally walk with the foot landing first on the heel and then pushing off on the toes. Lions, on the other hand, walk using mostly just their well-padded “toes” (imagine yourself on “tiptoe” all the time!). This surprising ability helps them sneak close to their intended prey without making a sound.

Fascinating Fact About African Leopards

A leopard’s tail is almost as long as its entire body length and is used by these ninja-like felines like a rudder, helping steer movement and keeping balance (much like how we hold out our arms upwards or to the sides to avoid falling down).

Fascinating Fact About African Rhinos

They might look like big, lumbering beasts, but rhinos run fast. Really fast. Up to 30-40 mph fast. So, considering that Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, can only run a max of 27.8mph, you better think twice before trying to outrun an angry rhino.

Fascinating Fact About African Elephants

Two-year pregnancy?!! Mamma mia!!

Yes, becoming a mommy ellie is a loooong and arduous process. Aside from being only fertile for a limited number of days in a year, its gestation period can last up to 22 months. Knowing this, it makes so much sense why elephants have a matriarchal society!

Fascinating Fact About African Cape Buffaloes

Forgive? Sure… Forget? NEVER!

If elephants have uncanny memories and are known to never forget, then cape buffaloes more than match this trait with their fierce ability to never forgive. Ever. These grudge-carrying creatures are known to spontaneously attack people who have injured or done them wrong even years after it happened.

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