Discovering Delicious Tanzanian Dishes

Tanzanian cuisine

A Taste of Mouthwatering Tanzanian Meals

Soul Food

If there was ever a phrase that can best describe Tanzanian cuisine, these two simple words would be it.

What’s in it?

To begin with, Tanzanian dishes are often made using simple, readily available and fresh ingredients like beans, cornmeal, pilaf and millet as well as plantains and coconut products. Then, these dishes are carefully seasoned and cooked using aromatic and nutrient-packed spices.

The result? Nourishing and filling meals that are both hearty and soul-satisfying.

And with over a hundred ethnic groups and various cultural influences from both the European and Asian continents, the culinary flavors of Tanzanian cuisine is as culturally rich and as steeped in history as the country itself.

Yes ok, but does it TASTE good?

So, as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, let us check out three of the most popular culinary staples that you can find cooking at almost every Tanzanian household.


In Tanzania, there is always ‘polenta’ of places where you can get a taste of Ugali. This cornmeal-based, dough-like porridge is the national dish of Tanzania, and can almost always be found served alongside dishes with sauces or meat. And while it may look bland as paste, it is actually quite tasty, with a flavor comparable to that of a chewy popcorn (you can even add a dash of salt and butter to enhance its flavor!)


Dish so delicious, it would make ya wanna cha-cha with each-a bite!

Made mostly with Tanzania spinach or amaranth, this mealtime favorite is often cooked with simply tomatoes, onion and garlic, or mixed with peanuts in a coconut curry sauce. It’s rich and savory flavor goes wonderfully well with Ugali on the side.


May it have beef, pork, chicken or even fish, the Meat Stew will always remain high on top of the list of fave dishes of any meat-loving Tanzanian. Often cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, bone broth and leafy greens, this deeply satisfying stew will is sure to please your palate as you empty your plate.

These delicious dishes are only some of the mouthwatering meals that you may partake during an African safari holiday. To know more about what other wildly thrilling discoveries that you can experience, click here.