Black Rhinoceros on the left with a pointed lip, and a White Rhinoceros on the right with a square mouth.
Areeba Shaikh / March 1, 2024
Black Vs White Rhino

Black rhinos have hooked lips for browsing leaves, while white rhinos' square lips are adapted for grazing grass.

Areeba Shaikh / December 21, 2023
How your African Safari Supports Conservation

By going on an African Safari, you can contribute to anti-poaching initiatives, support environmental education and community conservation efforts.

Lee Escalante / March 4, 2020
De-Snaring The Serengeti

ONE NATURE is a founding member of SENAPA Investors and proudly supports the Serengeti De-Snaring Programme — a joint project between Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), SENAPA INVESTORS and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS).

Lee Escalante / February 17, 2020
We Love a Greener Future

Celebrating the Month of Love with an Ever-Growing Love for Nature Nurturing nature is as important to us as taking care of our Guests. This is why we make sure to take the time to play our part in ensuring a greener future, ONE tree at a time. The camp staff, bonded together by a […]