How your African Safari Supports Conservation

How can you support Conservation by going on an African Safari?

Choosing a sustainable African safari amplifies your voice and dedication to securing a brighter future for Africa’s remarkable wildlife. The abundance of wildlife has faced the formidable challenges of habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflicts. By embracing eco-friendly practices, your safari experience supports these incredible animals and safeguards their fragile ecosystems. It is a commitment to ensure they survive and thrive harmoniously with their natural habitats.

By choosing One Nature, you contribute to the vital conservation efforts entwined with African safaris, including our remarkable initiatives.

Sustainable Tourism in Africa: A Path to Prosperity and Conservation

Sustainable tourism in Africa is about safeguarding its unique natural beauty and cultures for the long term. To help, choose eco-friendly accommodations, support local communities, respect wildlife, and minimize your environmental footprint during your visit.

Wildlife Conservation: Risk of Poaching in Africa

Rangers removing snares in the Serengeti, highlighting conservation efforts to protect wildlife.

Illegal wildlife trade in Africa, worth $7-23 billion annually, poses a grave threat to the iconic wildlife. Rhino populations have declined by over 90% in the last 40 years, and 35,000 elephants are killed each year for their ivory. By participating in an African safari, you can directly contribute to wildlife conservation efforts by paying entry fees and safari expenses.

At One Nature, we proudly support the Serengeti De-Snaring Programme, collaborating with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). This initiative has successfully removed thousands of snares and saved hundreds of animals, proving our commitment to protecting African wildlife.

Empowering Local Communities: The Key to Sustainable Conservation

One Nature fosters strong ties with local communities, emphasizing their pivotal role in sustainable conservation practices.

“One Hand Washes the Other”. One Nature’s powerful quote beautifully embodies our commitment to fostering and nurturing robust community relationships. We have prioritized fostering a symbiotic relationship with local communities as a cornerstone of our eco-social commitment. By forging mutually advantageous collaborations with local small businesses, growers, and laborers, One Nature actively contributes to the local economy, nurturing community unity and instilling a sense of pride.

Sustainable Safaris: Minimizing Impact and Maximizing Conservation

Solar panels at One Nature contribute to a sustainable African safari.

At One Nature, we use solar panels to generate clean electricity 24/7. Our entire property employs custom-designed 1-4 W LED lights. Specialized distribution boards and circuit breakers support these lights, optimizing electricity use. The power consumption of four of our tents combined is less than that of a single halogen light bulb, showcasing the remarkable efficiency of our system.

We also take steps to contribute to a greener future with ONE tree at a time. Our dedicated camp staff have planted over 150 trees as an ongoing initiative.

Donating for a Cause: Supporting Conservation Efforts

If you are enthusiastic about wildlife preservation, you can make a difference in numerous ways. By supporting activities like monitoring wildlife, restoring habitats, or participating in community outreach programs, you can directly contribute to the cause. The One Nature Foundation is committed to addressing ongoing environmental threats and supporting local communities in Sustainability, Conservation, and Community.

We focus on providing communities with the tools and resources for sustainable livelihoods, including education, skills training, health services, clean water projects, and alternative energy sources. We understand the vital connection between a healthy environment and economic development, and our initiatives aim to protect the environment while ensuring long-term regenerative resources.

Tanzania’s Remarkable Achievements for Wildlife Conservation

Conservation efforts to protect the wildlife in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

In Tanzania, concerted efforts to combat poaching and habitat destruction have led to a remarkable resurgence of the black rhinoceros population, particularly in areas like Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti National Park has seen the positive impact of responsible safaris and anti-poaching measures in protecting and recovering African lion populations. These achievements exemplify the profound influence of safari-based conservation initiatives, ensuring a brighter future for Africa’s iconic wildlife.

ONE People. ONE Planet. ONE Nature.

One Nature's team planted a tree, showcasing their unwavering dedication to conservation efforts in the Serengeti.

Your choice of an African safari goes beyond adventure in Africa’s vast and mesmerizing landscapes. It is a pledge to safeguard remarkable wildlife and habitats through sustainable conservation practices. One Nature’s initiatives and your responsible choices as a traveler play a crucial role in preserving Africa’s natural heritage. Together, we ensure a brighter future for Africa’s wildlife and the communities that call this land home.