Predators attacking the herbivores crossing the Mara River.
Areeba Shaikh / May 31, 2024
Predators of the Mara River

Discover the top 5 apex predators of the Serengeti-Mara river in Tanzania. Millions of wildebeest make a perilous river crossing, drawing these apex predators.

African Elephants, part of the Big 5, roaming the plains of the Serengeti.
Areeba Shaikh / May 20, 2024
African Elephants

Understand the African elephants' complex behaviors, diverse habitats, and conservation challenges. Learn about their social structures, habitats, and their pressing conservation needs.

Photo Safari with One Nature in the Serengeti.
Areeba Shaikh / March 11, 2024
African Photo Safari with One Nature

Embark on an unforgettable African Photo Safari adventure with One Nature in the Serengeti.

Black Rhinoceros on the left with a pointed lip, and a White Rhinoceros on the right with a square mouth.
Areeba Shaikh / March 1, 2024
Black Vs White Rhino

Black rhinos have hooked lips for browsing leaves, while white rhinos' square lips are adapted for grazing grass.

The Great Wildebeest Migration Map of the Serengeti
Areeba Shaikh / February 17, 2024
Best Places to Stay and See the Great Migration

Experience the annual Great Wildebeest Migration from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Central Serengeti and the Maasai Mara.

Herds of Wildebeest and Zebras grazing in the Serengeti National Park
M.Nayab Khalil / March 31, 2023
The Circle of Life

Think stunning landscapes that will make you want to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, and wildlife so incredible, you will feel that you have been transported into a Nat Geo documentary. Describing the magic of the magnificent Serengeti National Park in words, is not easy. No wonder this UNESCO world Heritage Site […]

An African lion in the Serengeti National Park.
M.Nayab Khalil / March 24, 2023
The Serengeti Super Pride

A Roar that Will be Missed: Saying Goodbye to Serengeti’s Iconic Bob Junior Deep in the heart of the wild and magnificent Serengeti, resides a legendary pride of lions that has captured the hearts of both tourists and researchers. The Serengeti Super Pride until recently was led by two powerful brothers named Bob Junior and […]

Lee Escalante / April 23, 2020
The Prides of the Serengeti

Explore the fascinating world of Serengeti's lion prides, delving into their intriguing dynamics and the essential vital conservation initiatives.

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