We Love a Greener Future

Celebrating the Month of Love with an Ever-Growing Love for Nature

Nurturing nature is as important to us as taking care of our Guests. This is why we make sure to take the time to play our part in ensuring a greener future, ONE tree at a time.

The camp staff, bonded together by a shared passion for nature conservation and a deep-seated love for the Serengeti, worked as ONE and managed to plant over 150 trees, comprised of Yellow Bark and Falcon’s Claw Acacias.

This tree planting initiative is an on going project for One Nature and is in line with our mission to continually promote and support the sustainability and enrichment of the wildlife in the areas where we operate in.

Our driving goal, as always, is not just to consistently find ways to decrease our over-all carbon footprint, but also ensure that every wild place and community that we are privileged enough to be a part of, benefits from our commitment to grow a better, greener future.