De-Snaring The Serengeti

Solving the Poaching Problems That Plague the Wildlife

Animal poaching is a major problem that threatens the very existence of a number of animal species in Tanzania like rhinos and elephants.

‘Snaring’ is a prevalent form of animal poaching that is done by using snares made from pieces of wires, shaped into a loop, anchored down and placed in an area of high animal activity with the sole purpose of killing wildlife for bushmeat.

ONE NATURE is a founding member of SENAPA Investors and proudly supports the Serengeti De-Snaring Programme — a joint project between Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), SENAPA investors and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS).



From the time the initiative started in April 2017, the hardworking and dedicated teams of the project have successfully removed, collected and melted well over 6 tonnes of snares within the Serengeti National Park area.


Achievements to date (September 2019)

  • 36,279 total snares removed
  • 530 animals released alive
  • 1,483 animals caught in snares
  • 100+ poacher camps found & destroyed


One of the programme’s goals is to establish more teams to effectively patrol and carry out operations for the entire SNP. To do this, we encourage donors to support and contribute to this necessary cause.

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Photo credits to Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)-Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)