Guiding Guests To A Wild Journey Of Discovery

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Andrew Kavenga: One Nature Family Head Guide

Guided by passion. Driven by an abiding love for nature.

No truer words can best describe the way Andrew Robert Kavenga does his job.

Andrew has always been a steadfast advocate of sustainable tourism and firmly believes that companies promoting a greener future should be able to “walk the talk”. And after joining the One Nature family in 2016, he was greatly inspired by the company’s efforts to championing the ethos that we do not own this earth, but are only here to be its caretakers for the future generations. “One People. One Planet. One Nature… That is wonderful yes? I believe in this completely and I am very happy to have found an amazing family to work with that live for what I believe.”

For Andrew, the best part about his job is getting the chance to show off the land and the wildlife that he loves so much. Much like a proud parent, he can happily spend all day sharing his extensive knowledge about the Serengeti’s flora and fauna to guests who, in turn, are fascinated by his “wild” stories. “The coolest thing is, when I show guests around, it’s like I get to experience everything again for the first time through their eyes…”

“Like that time when I was with a family of five on a safari game drive. We were going over a hill in front of the camp and took a turn to this open grassland where I usually spot a couple of cheetah brothers. I saw them, eyeing a small group of wildebeest way off in the distance. Then in a blink of an eye, off they went! We drove towards them as they targeted an adolescent wildebeest. It was so exciting! Those of us in the vehicle were divided, team cheetah and team wildebeest… A cloud of dust covered our vision for a while so we went a bit closer, When the dust settled, it was over! Team cheetah won!!! High fives were exchanged all around and the kids couldn’t stop replaying the experience during the entire drive!”

Along with other members of the One Nature family, Andrew is a consistent top guest favorite. And with his ever-present sunny smile and friendly personality, it is no wonder why he is frequently mentioned and commended in guest reviews and feedbacks.

“Before we arrived in the Serengeti, people told us the guide you get is what makes or breaks your trip. Our guide Andrew gave us the most memorable trip of our lifetime.”

Karyn from Pennsylvania (One Nature Guest)

When asked about the thing that he likes most about being part of the One Nature family, Andrew replied: “We live as brothers and sisters who love and respect each other. That, for me is the definition of one great family. And that is exactly how we are here.”

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