Golden Luxury from Green Energy

Cleaning the dust off the solar panels at One Nature

Conserving Water and Power to Protect Nature’s Wonders

As home to one of the oldest and most diverse ecosystem in the planet, protecting the natural beauty and resources of the Serengeti National Park is of utmost importance. But in a place where infrastructure for the most basic utilities is almost non-existent, how can it be possible to fully enjoy what nature has to offer while preserving its wild beauty at the same time? Read on to find out…

Power Supplied by the Serengeti Sun…

Warm smiles are not the only by-product that one can expect from basking in the nourishing rays of Serengeti sun. Harnessed properly and responsibly, it can also generate enough clean electricity to power entire properties 24/7.

By installing solar panels to produce or even just augment the electricity supply that is more commonly sourced from diesel generators, properties in and around the park can significantly offset their carbon footprint and prevent around 0.73 kg of pure carbon, 2.6 kg of carbon dioxide for every liter of diesel fuel from being released into the atmosphere.

WATER: Waste Not, Want Not…

Water is a very precious commodity in the Serengeti especially during the dry seasons. To ensure that a steady supply of potable water is always readily available, it is essential that properties in the Serengeti utilize an effective facility/system that not only produces water, but also works to effectively manage its consumption.

Facilities that utilise a Reverse Osmosis system, for example, allow camps/lodges to re-use grey water, which significantly decreases wastage and water dependency. In addition, installing faucets and mixers, which use a special valve that allows air to mix with the water, have also proven to result in higher/more efficient flow even though less water is actually consumed.

Light Bulb Moments in Green Technology…

Necessity is the mother of invention, For this, mother earth is most thankful.

Because with increasing global consciousness about the need to take better care of our planet, smart solutions and innovations are being developed every day. And it’s not just big or expensive systems or products either. Take light bulbs for example. Currently in the market are specially designed lights of 1-4 W LED, which utilise special distribution boards and circuit breakers that ensure efficient use of electricity. This system is so effective that in properties like One Nature Nyaruswiga, four of its tents actually consume less power than a single halogen light bulb.

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