Luxury African Food Trip

Luxury dining on an African Safari

Delicious Safari Dining Options That Exceed Expectations

For most people, the thought of food in relation to an African safari trip conjure images of dishes prepared with freshly harvested vegetables and locally sourced organic fruits and ingredients. This expectation is more than well met, especially when staying in ultra luxury African safari lodgings.

Here, in addition to the thrilling wildlife adventures that guests are bound to experience, a world of culinary exploration that can only be described as “gourmet all the way” also awaits them.

Main Dining Area

Most of the meals in-lodge are served here. This is where guests can gather and enjoy the company of fellow lodgers while savouring the delicious a la carte meals that the resident chef and kitchen staff dish up daily.

Afternoon Tea

Fancy some afternoon tea after your safari?

Feel free to savour every sip and tasty bite while enjoying the relaxing sight of the endless savannah from your own private verandah.


Whether it be snacks, meals or drinks, nothing is more heartwarming than enjoying them around an open pit fire with delightful companions and lighthearted conversations.

Dinner Under the Stars

If a 5-star meal seems impressive, then wait till you experience dining under a million stars! Private. Intimate. Epic… Can you imagine anything more wildly romantic?

Bush Dining

Going out to eat has never been this wild!

May it be for breakfast, brunch or dinner, dining in the bush amidst the wildlife in all its magnificence is an experience that will fill you up with wonder even long after your vacation is over.


Spirits rise as the sun sets… Contrary to its name, enjoying a sundowner is the most uplifting way to end the day in the wilds.

Just like the Serengeti’s expansive savannahs, the dining options you’ll be served with while on a luxury African safari are endless. And whether you choose to dine within the property or out on the bush, your entire experience will surely be filled with not only breathtaking sights, but also with mouth-watering gastronomic delights.

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