The Great Migration River Crossing

Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration River Crossing, a daring expedition by wildebeests and zebras. Marvel at the excitement as they conquer the crocodile-infested waters of the Mara River, outwitting predators and demonstrating their extraordinary resilience. Appreciate the intricate rhythm of nature, where survival instincts face the ultimate challenge.

Bush Breakfast

Savor a meal to remember along the breathtaking views of the Mara River as our expert chefs prepare a wilderness breakfast where nature sits at your dining "branch". Begin your day captivated by the awe-inspiring charm of the Serengeti's boundless plains while relishing many freshly crafted dishes. Embrace the crisp morning air, and the picturesque scenes unfolding before you.

Bush Dinner

Indulge in a stellar bush banquet under the African stars as the sun bids adieu. Bask in the warm glow of the lanterns, the bonfire's rhythmic crackle, and nature's harmonious symphony while savoring extraordinary cuisine. Let the unbridled beauty of the bush and the delightful company of loved ones concoct moments that linger in the heart's recipe book for a lifetime.


Witness the enchanting beauty of the Serengeti as the sun gracefully takes its final bow, painting a mesmerizing canvas of hues across the horizon. Raise your glass to the panoramic spectacle that cradles you, embraced by the untouched wilderness. Delight yourself in the magic of a sun-kissed soirée, a captivating escapade that will weave a spell of wonder with the natural marvels.

Intimate Private Dinner

Venture on an evening of enchantment with our intimate private dinner. Tailored to become the highlight of your celebration—be it a birthday, anniversary, or engagement—our team creates a magical setting just for you. Savor sublime cuisine amid the spellbinding backdrop of the Serengeti's allure. Let the ambiance and personalized service, sparkle memories as precious as the stars above.

Balloon Safari

Soar above the Serengeti's breathtaking landscapes on a serene balloon safari adventure. As the sun unveils its golden palette over the savannah, lift off into the sky for a tranquil outlook on the world below. Float across the expansive plains, spy on the diverse wildlife, and snap up the scenic beauty. Seize striking snapshots and forge enduring recollections of this extraordinary experience.

Walking Safari

Traverse a journey of wandering through expansive terrains, guided by our spirited experts decoding the secrets of the flora and fauna. Feel the earth's gentle embrace beneath your soles and the playful dance of a mild breeze on your visage while witnessing the wildlife flourishing in their native soirée. Cultivate profound insights into the intricate ecosystems supporting life.