Guest Area

Discover our Main Guest Area, where luxury meets cozy comfort. Sink into plush seating near the fireplace, savoring fine wines from the bar. Lose yourself in captivating books from our shelves. Indulge in gourmet dishes in our indoor dining area. For a breath of fresh air, venture into the outdoor dining area or gather at the boma.

Photography Area

Explore our Photography Area, nestled atop a giant rock, offering a photographer's paradise. Rent our cameras and lenses and elevate your visual storytelling. Perched strategically, this area unveils a breathtaking view of the river crossing and the majestic wildlife that graces its banks. Capture the raw beauty of nature, immortalizing moments that unfold before your lens.


Prepare to unleash a fitness journey at our fully equipped gym where you can stay in shape while watching the wildlife activity. We guarantee that the view is enough to keep you energized. Featuring advanced treadmills, endurance bikes, and a versatile multi-station machine, we have all that you need for an energetic, wild Mara Workout.

Trading Post

Enhance your journey amidst the wilderness with our Trading Post. Find yourself in a collection that embodies the essence of adventure—a blend of safari gear, traditional gift items, and exclusive One Nature-labeled products. From safari basics to essential accessories, our selection ensures you are equipped for an unforgettable trip.