African Safari Adventure for Kids

At One Nature, we deeply understand the significance of nurturing a child’s appreciation for nature right from the start. This insight has led us to craft a unique initiative, the “Little ONEderers” program, meticulously designed to curate unforgettable wildlife escapades for children. Our goal is to capture their curiosity, ignite their creativity, and cultivate a profound connection with the wonders of the natural world through these enchanting encounters.

A girl cultivates her love for nature at One Nature Mara River by planting a tree.

Children at One Nature

Our Little ONEderers program offers diverse interactive activities to engage and educate children. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to capture young minds, from crafting vibrant bead creations and expressing artistic talents through painting to learning traditional Maasai skills and immersing in the region’s cultural heritage.

We provide exclusive culinary experiences where children can unleash their inner chef, preparing their meals with guidance from our skilled culinary team. This presents a delightful opportunity for kids to express creativity and relish the joy of crafting their dishes.

Every moment at One Nature Mara River is entertaining, enriching, and safe, thanks to our devoted team of professional guides and educators. We aim to instill in children a lifelong love for nature, an understanding of the circle of life, and a deep appreciation for conservation, nurturing their role as responsible environmental stewards.

Child Policy

The minimum recommended age is 2 years old. Infants under 3 years old will not incur charges (subject to any applicable governmental fees). Children aged 3 to 15 will be charged 50% of the adult rate if they share accommodation with a paying adult.

For further details on our Child Policy, click here.