African Safari at the Mara River

Situated in the heart of the Northern Serengeti, near Kogadente Airstrip, One Nature Mara River promises an exceptional game-viewing experience. The Mara River, home to Africa's largest hippos and Nile crocodiles, hosts diverse wildlife year-round. Elephants, elands, lions, and leopards frequent the river. Fortunate adventurers might even have the chance to glimpse a black rhino.

Venture on a safari with our custom open four-seater and six-seater vehicles, providing an unparalleled platform for unobstructed views of Mara's breathtaking landscapes and wildlife wonders. Tailored for optimal animal viewing, these vehicles ensure panoramic vistas and the chance to capture stunning photographs without barriers. Sink into sumptuous Italian leather seats, surrendering to the smooth suspension's gentle sway as you traverse the vast plains. Stay refreshed with our cooling fridges, maintaining your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature. Share your experiences effortlessly through onboard Wi-Fi, instantly capturing and sharing the magic of the Mara.

Beyond luxury, our expert guides weave captivating narratives, revealing hidden wonders beneath the surface. Guided by extensive knowledge and passion, they lead you to prime locations where the Big Five and other remarkable species roam freely. Prepare for sensational wildlife encounters and enjoy front-row seats to the magnificence of the Mara.

At One Nature, we ensure every safari moment is a celebration of nature's grandeur. Our open safari vehicles seamlessly combine comfort and adventure, immersing you in the captivating wonders of the Mara. As the golden sun casts its enchanting glow, an interplay of light and shadow unfolds, painting a vibrant tapestry. Each moment forges a profound connection to the wild, igniting a sense of wonder.

A Thrilling Adventure!

Prepare for an unmatched safari at One Nature Mara River, where every detail offers the luxury and untamed allure of the Mara. With our qualified guides, each day offers discovery, adventure, relaxation, and insight, culminating in a toast to an unforgettable African Safari.

Free yourself and feel your curiosity and senses stir.